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Saturday, 21 May 2011

sample post 1

 In this post we can learn how to contact to someone without revealing your mail address. It's strange and i am aware how many of them  have an idea of not reveal their mail address to the person whom they dont know.But it's really hard to have contact with someone in networking sites without revealing your mail id's.But Contactify (personal contact form) reduces the complexity of your problem.This site allows you to create your own personal contact form.It create just a link ,where the people can click on it,they can send you a message and you never reveal your email address .Reduces the spam.Guards your privacy.Keep you contactable without anyone through out the world ,by just embedding this link on your site or blogs(if you own) or any networking profiles like facebook,myspace etc.I personally feels this form is very much handy for the site owners by sharing this link on their sites and enabling the visitors to share or post their comment on it.

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