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Saturday, 21 May 2011

sample post 2

  If you are a beginner to internet,you may might across the word "IP ADDRESS". And wondering what does it means? Don't worry i am here to explain you in a simpler and in the concise manner.

Here is the sample IP address , lets configure it.

    IP stands for Internet Protocol. An ip address is a unique address used by used by different computers on the computer network to identify and communicate with one another.So it is used as an identifier to find electronic devices connected to one another on a network. Therefore each devices in the network must have it's own unique address.An IP address is like a mailing address that is used to deliver, that is files to a computer.

   Internet Assigned Numbers Authority  (IANA) creates and manages  IP addresses for the public internet .

 TYPES   :     
     An IP address could be a static or dynamic. If the computer uses the same IP address whenever it connects to the network,then it is said to be have a static  IP address. When it changes frequently when it is connected to the network ,then the computer is said to have a dynamic IP address.
Static IP address is manually assigned by the network administrators, whereas the Dynamic Host Configuration   Protocol  (  DHCP) is used to assign  dynamic addresses.


    Here is the way you can know your IP address easily without browsing various sites.

  * Just open the "Command Prompt" in your pc.
  * Type Ipconfig in it .(case sensitive)
  * Then press ENTER;
  * Note net should be ON while finding it.
  * That's all;

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